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After alot of searching I couldn't find a good upskirt girls site that offered free videos and pics of hot upskirt teens so, I started my own! Welcome to American Upskirt! The only site you'll ever need to visit again for free upskirt pics and videos of hot teen girls!

Upskirt Collection - Tight Jeans, Bikini and Regular Upskirt Pics
It didn't take long to find my #1 pick for upskirt girls site online. The second I visited Upskirt Collection I knew it was going to be the best. Not only do they have over 20,000 upskirt pics but they also have a nice collection of upskirt videos as well!

This Week's New Upskirt Collection Episodes
It's incredible how these girls really don't realize their asses are hanging out of their skirt. Or maybe they do know? Maybe they like knowing that guys can take upskirt videos of their sexy asses barely covered by a thong. Whatever the case this upskirt girl is sexy as fuck!
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The second we saw a girl wearing a bright pink skirt we knew we'd be able to get upskirt video of her. We turned the camera on and started filming and wouldn't you know it we got some of the best upskirt images we've seen in awhile. Incase you were wondering her undies were white!
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It was going to be tough getting an upskirt shot of this sexy girl but we had to try. She was wearing a sexy flower dress with high heels and a hat. She was shopping for new shoes and everytime she bent over we got a shot of her sexy panties. We ended up with 10 minutes of her video!
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